Music & Sound Design Library

Bing Bang Boom! Music and Sound Design Libraries - A gripping collection of distinctive and emotive music tracks and sound design elements, built from the ground up by composers for major Network promos and Hollywood trailers. From Percussive Action and Toxic States, to Rises, Hits, Pulses, Sub Drop Hits and things you’ve never heard before — it’s all here ! Combine these powerful tracks and unique sound design elements to bring new depth and distinction to your next project.

38 CDs plus 3 Volumes of Sound Design Elements with over 3300 elements and 7.5GBs of content. Be Heard !

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New Releases

Elemental Matter 1 Hydrogen-EM001 Ad and Promo 2 Percussive Action 5-PE005 Toxic States 2-TS002 Underscores 2-US002 Sound Design Elements Volume 2 Toxic States 1-TS001 Percussive Action 4 Trailer Cues

Music and Sound Design Library

Promo Cheese-PC001 Pop 2 Funky 2 Lifestyles Percussive Action 3 Electronica 2 Heavy Rock 2 Acoustic Moments Ad & Promo Cuts Atmospheric 2 Heartland Percussive Action 2 Urban 2 Production Arsenal 3 Heavy Rock Funky Electronica Classic Rock Atmospheric Alternative Rock Orchestral Drama Production Arsenal 1 Production Arsenal 2 Percussive Action Pop Talkover Beds Urban Underscores Sound Design Elements 1