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AD014 ADSR Matrix Electro BendersExpand

AD014 ADSR Matrix Electro BendersAccentuate hyper intense motion and transitions with these powerful, supercharged edgy synths that rise, fall, sweep, flutter, dive and bend

AD012 ADSR Matrix Atmospheric DronesExpand

AD012 ADSR Matrix Atmospheric DronesAmbient synths, drones and atmospheric sound design textures manifest layers of unexplainable mystery, otherworldly presence, tension, anticipation, powerful emotion, and much more

AD013 ADSR Matrix AlarmsExpand

AD013 ADSR Matrix AlarmsCombinations of massive alien klaxons, intense sci-fi alarms, shrill warning sirens, intense low mega horns and toxic buzzes blare and blast intensely causing an extreme awareness of danger

AD001 ADSR Matrix Electro BraamsExpand

AD001 ADSR Matrix Electro BraamsOminous, hyper intense, amped-up electronic trailer braams on steroids are formed when twisted, hybrid synths, huge percussion hits and extreme sound design collide

AD002 ADSR Matrix ReversesExpand

AD002 ADSR Matrix ReversesMultiple layers of tonal synths and mysterious sound design reverse dramatically, building tension with anticipation, perfect for transitions, graphics and edits

AD003 ADSR Matrix SuckbacksExpand

AD003 ADSR Matrix SuckbacksMultiple layers of synths, sound design, glass and metals reverse dramatically, building anticipation perfect for transitions, graphics and edits

AD004 ADSR Matrix Epic WhooshesExpand

AD004 ADSR Matrix Epic WhooshesEpic whooshes create dramatic motion for action, transitions, graphics and edits with layers of sound design, dopplers and synthesized aircraft passes

AD005 ADSR Matrix Aleatoric FearExpand

AD005 ADSR Matrix Aleatoric FearIntense combinations of creepy, unsettling, powerful orchestra, sound design, percussion and prepared piano dramatically punctuate heightened anxiety, impending danger, evil, fear and pain

AD006 ADSR Matrix Hybrid HitsExpand

AD006 ADSR Matrix Hybrid HitsKiller combinations of synths, sound design and powerful drum hits collide to make edgy, hybrid tonal hits that create tension, suspense and drama with massive impact

AD007 ADSR Matrix Titanic HitsExpand

AD007 ADSR Matrix Titanic HitsA titanic collection of epic hits with main pre whoosh and hit only versions of booms, huge impacts, slams, hybrid stings, deep sub drops, smashes, crashes, and metal strikes